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Paper Clay
Helpful Hint by Terri Sproul

I personally have not gotten into Polymer clay. But I do love Paper Clay for a few reasons. I already have lot of Tools or Toys as I call them so having a pasta machine also in my studio? Well, there is no more room. With Paper clay, no pasta Machine is needed.

A few Brands and colors of Paper Clay:
*Hearty ™ color available: Black, White, Red, Blue and Yellow all primary color so you can make any combination of color you need.

* Delight™ color available: White, Red Blue, Yellow and Black: This clay is Super soft and easy to use.

* Paper Clay™ color available: White, Red, Blue, Yellow and Black.

How to use: Use all clays the same way:

1. Remove from package – Knead just a little to warm clay.
2. Roll clay into the size ball need as indicated on the mold instruction sheet and press into the mold opening. I always start in the center of the mold and push to edges.
3. Next, I take my clay rolling pin and roll over the back of the mold – allowing me to cut away extra clay if needed. Put extra clay in air tight container to keep for the next time.
4. Turn the mold over and remove clay piece – set aside to dry – drying time is different for each piece. Some may take up to a full day.
5. If the bottom of mold is not completely flat or you needed it to be flatter – After drying, paper clay can be sanded.
6. Paper Clay can be painted with many different mediums:

    a. Twinkling H2O’s
    b. Acrylic paints
    c. Rub-ons inks
    d. Prime Elements
    e. Glaze
    f. Ink Pad Inks
    g. Pearl Ex
    h. Anything that can be used to paint on paper – Yes it’s Paper Clay

additional Hints

1. You can paint on Paper Clay while it’s still wet
2. You can push eyelets, brads, or make holes in the clay while it's still wet
3. You can stamp into paper clay while wet and you will get the impression
4. You can stamp a word or image onto dry clay
5. To adhere paper clay: Crafter’s Pick Memory Mount is my favorite.
6. Another way to add color to your clay. Start with white clay and add a small amount of acrylic paint and mix well. Remember to wear rubber gloves.
7. Try Kreinik Iron-On Threads (www.kreinik.com) with your clay – this is a great way to finish the edges of a molded piece.

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